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An enrollment fee of $75 per family is due at the time of enrollment. A yearly supply fee of $35 per student is added and is due on or before May 15. You will also be given a medical form to be completed by your child’s physician and returned before your child begins the program. The fees for the 2020/2021 school year are stated below. .Registration for the 2020-2021  school year opens ends of January/beginning of February for current families and one week later to the community After open enrollment dates, you may enroll your child at any time. Please call the Playschool Office at (336) 643-8120 to schedule a convenient time with the Director. You may visit the classroom during this enrollment time. Parents are welcome to visit their child’s classroom anytime.
Enrollment Forms:

2020-2021 registration form.docx  medical form

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Fees For 2020/2021 School Year
A yearly enrollment fee of $75 will be charged per family.
A supply fee of $35 will be charged to each student 
Monthly Enrollment (per child):
Toddler and 2 year old class fees 2 days per week (T/TH) – $190 3 days per week (M, W, F) – $245
5 days per week – $335
3 year old class fees
3 days per week (M, W, F) – $245
5 days per week – $335
Pre-K (4 year old room) class fees:
4 days per week – $290
5 days per week – $345
Fees are payable on the first day that care is given each month. If the fees are not paid by the 10th of each month, the family is notified they are delinquent, and a late fee of $10 will be charged. For each week that tuition is unpaid, an additional $10 per week is added.
Returned Checks – In the event that a check is returned because of insufficient funds, there will be a charge to the family to cover the charge to the Playschool from the bank.The fee will be the same as what the bank charges Children’s Christian Playschool. 
Late Fee Policy

If a parent or other responsible person authorized, in writing, to pick up a child is late, a late fee will be assessed:
– A five minute grace period will be allowed (1:05 classroom clock)
– The fee for arriving late will be $10. An additional fee of $1 per minute will be added after the initial $10. For example, if the child is picked up 2 minutes past the grace period (1:07 pm), the fee will be $12.

Phone calls notifying the Director of a late arrival will not substitute the fee, though phone calls are appreciated.

This late fee policy is not meant to be uncaring or harsh, but it is designed to protect our children. When left late, a child becomes scared or uncertain of what will happen. These are not feelings that we want to promote in our program. Also, the program must compensate the person remaining with the child regardless of time. While we understand that emergencies do happen, the security and welfare of our children must be our highest priority.